10 things you probably didn’t know about me

  • I was born on 1st July 1992 which makes me 24 years young. My parents LOVE to tell this crazy biblical sounding story of the afternoon was born. It was a really shitty, cold, wintry day in Christchurch and I was just about to come into the world. My head was born and I looked around and smiled, and the rest of me was born and I was up into my mum’s arms. They say that at that moment, the rain stopped, the clouds parted and the sun shone through the clouds through the windows of the hospital for 5 minutes, before disappearing for the rest of the day. It’s kind of ironic because I’m definitely no heavenly person but it’s a story that they INSIST is 100% true. However, I almost felt the sun shining down from the heavens once Lily was out and in my arms. I felt like a life creating powerful goddess and scoffed at the idea of a male god. Those hormones are whack, everything slows down and it feels like you just discovered the meaning of life in that moment. So yeah, it might be true, it might be the euphoria taking over my parents’ sense of reality, but that’s the story.
  • I’ve left the country once, when I was 10. I went to Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Noosa and Australia Zoo when Steve Irwin was still alive because he was MY HERO. I’ve been to Auckland once, for a day. I’ve been to Wellington City a lot, but apart from that, I haven’t seen much of the North Island either. I’ve been everywhere in the South, except Gore/Invercargill. ONE DAY I WILL TRAVEL! But now I have a baby so we’ll see how that goes ha ha ha. I do love Christchurch, though.
  • I live in Christchurch which I am super passionate about because I freaking love this city, even MORE after the Earthquakes that’s right, more not less. While other people are trash talking the city and trying to point the finger and blame everyone and everything, really really cool shit is emerging from the rubble and in ten years we’re gonna be world class yo’. Negative nancies really grind my gears and especially those that entirely blame The Government/The Council/CERA like they were supposed to wave a magic wand and fix everything overnight??? And do you think EVERYONE will be happy about EVERYTHING!?! I just want these people to get a grip, and be grateful they are ALIVE. Yes there will always be bad eggs but for the most part, Government/Cera/Council/EQR etc. are full of people doing a job to put food on their plate and hopefully improve some lives while they’re at it. Cut ‘em some slack and get involved y’all IMG_3004.JPG
  • I’m engaged to a man that got drunk with my dad at my brother’s 19th Birthday party 8 years ago. Yep so the story of how Jay and I met is a goodie, can’t wait to tell the grand kids. So in my second year of Uni I basically had a full blown mental breakdown, became nocturnal, dropped out of uni and ran away to Takaka with my mate Ayla to live in a vintage house bus that had been parked for 40+ years and was literally overgrown with plants and kept dry with a few tarps and some rope. Rough. The plan was to go back to Uni but I was totally embracing the hippie vibes and was so not ready to go back to the toxic environment that Dunedin was for me, so I stayed. I got a job at The Roots Bar and on April 26 2013 Sleeping Dogs were playing! They were in the local paper and the columnist described a “sexy drummer” so I thought oooh yass some eye candy for work on Friday this will be good. I remember he ordered two tequila shots at once and I just thought he was so damn suave and cool with his long hair and tatts. I basically had tunnel vision when watching his drum solo and I left the bar unattended to stand in the middle of the crowd and watch him. Afterwards we briefly chatted by the outdoor fire about a dog that was hanging out. His roadie mate was trying to get me to come back to the hotel with him so I got his number so I could contact him and get Jay’s number (lol poor guy we’re friends now though so all is well).So anyway I end up tracking (stalking) Jay down on Facebook and we met up in Christchurch where I didn’t scare him off! At this point I had been consistently falling for guys that didn’t like me that much after they got to know me SOO that was a win. A few weeks later going through old photos he recognises my old house – turns out he was best mates with my cousin in high school who was going to set us up one point – I don’t really believe in fate but MEANT TO BE RIGHT!? So although we met in a tiny bar in a tiny town at the tip of the south island, he was always SO CLOSE to meeting me. He came along to my brother’s birthday party, and ended up hanging out with my dad all night chatting about music (my Dad is an ex-muso) so he already had approval from my fam! Christchurch – it’s a little village I swear.
  • When I was 15 years old my modelling agent zoomed in on my ass in a bikini shot on a 42” TV screen to point out my cellulite and where I needed to lose weight. She was a lovely lady, and really I know now that she was just trying to be realistic with me about the size of the clothes I needed to fit into and the way the industry works (you need a damn thick skin and a confidence I still don’t have at 24). I have never forgotten that to this day and it sent me down a verrrrry long struggle street which has defined my life in many ways up until the last few years. For this reason, I am against diets and food fads and the whole industry that is centred around making people hate themselves. I have shaved my legs once since lily was born, and I don’t give a shit. I gave up that whole routine while pregnant (too much hard work bending over that far) and Jay didn’t care, nobody noticed (they are fine and blonde though so I’m lucky), I didn’t care – wahoo. F**k those beauty ideals, right?


  • I love people who have been through some shit.(or are still fighting). I have an understanding with these people; the outcasts, misfits, rebels, crazies. I’ve been able to connect with many people online and I think taking away the fear of face to face is a great way to start bringing barriers down. There are so many things which are hard to talk about for fear of being judged… But everyone knows someone who has struggled with something – rape, abuse, mental illness, addiction, loss…. If we only talked about it more maybe we would all be happier, and all that bad shit wouldn’t be so prevalent because it wouldn’t be simmering inside someone’s mind for so long that it became unbearable. I can only hope to connect with more lovely souls through this blog, and my message box is always open
  • I have held a dead, cut up penis in my hands which won’t be much of a surprise to anyone that has done second year anatomy BUT this is one of the greatest stories I can tell at parties and their reaction is a great indicator as to whether or not we’ll get along. Dark, sick and twisted humour is my thing (sometimes – I actually love all comedy tbh but the more honest the better) and seeing men squirm a little while I tell the story of that fateful Anat242 Lab is hilarious. In all seriousness though we were just studying the reproductive system so it’s not like anything hilarious happened with said dead penises, but hey, if I’m going to pay $30,000 in student loans for no degree, I’m gonna tell anyone who will listen that I HAVE SEEN WHAT YOUR PENIS LOOKS LIKE WHEN IT’S CUT IN HALF. Because I’m really awkward like that.
  • I am 5”10 but the shortest in my family. So mum is 5”11, dad is 6”2, my brother is 6”6.5. This probably isn’t that impressive over the internet and you aren’t looking up at my chin, but seriously I am taller than most of my friends (Love you Megs xox) but still the baby in my family. So I get to feel tall and short depending who’s around. WAHOO.
  • I was vegan for 6 months but got really sick and anaemic but steak made me better. So basically I did it to be healthy and control my diet more but I do love animals and now I’m aware of how awful agriculture is for the environment I’d say that’s a pretty damn good reason itself to go vegan but alas, it did not work out for myself and tofu. I fucking hate tofu, but I do love curries, so I lived on dahl and chickpeas and I did pretty much follow a textbook healthy vegan diet (just with a lot of bread?? Do other vegans gorge themselves on bread?). People at school teased me for it, saying I wasn’t vegan because there’s wool in my kilt and leather in my shoes but fuck like I had options!? UGH Lily will never go to an all girls’ school…. Anyway essentially I got super sick and iron pills weren’t working and nothing was freaking working I was getting migraines and passing out it was AWFUL so my doctor said eat steak for two weeks and just see and so I did and I was magically all better. All my symptoms disappeared. And that is the story of how my body told me it didn’t want me to be a vegan. I think if I could still be vegan I would, for environmental reasons only, but I also have IBS and it turns out I just don’t absorb food well. So I can’t be vegan. I love vegans, I think they’re doing a great service to the earth, but JUST DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO. I’ve tried. I can’t.
  • I wanted to be a paediatric oncologist when I was growing up. I wanted to save babies and kids with cancer. I wanted to find a cure. I’m a bit disappointed that that goal never became reality, but if I did succeed I wouldn’t have met Jay and I wouldn’t have had Lily – two of the greatest things that have ever happened to me. Plus all the shit that happened since 2011 has MADE ME, so, I can’t complain. I currently have no idea where I’m “going” in this life or what I’m going to “do” – as long as I’ve got my friends and family, I’m pretty stoked. I’ll just see what pops up and where I end up.

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