The First Year

When I look back on the past 12 months, I am filled with a plethora of emotion that I’m going to try and piece together for not only those reading, but also myself. From the pain and euphoria of the birth; the fear and excitement on the day we came home from the hospital; the [...]

Not ANOTHER mum with a blog!?

When Lily was born, I was adamant that I would keep her off social media and keep our lives mostly private. This is coming from someone who has consistently over-shared wanted to tell stories their entire life. I have kept journals for as long as I can remember (mostly never to be shared), had various [...]

Birth Story – Lily Rae

So I figured what a way to start than with the birth story of Lily Rae Arthur, born 17th July at 10:50am. I was 3 days overdue and had done everything to try and bring our wee girl on before then (which I know is totally not even that late but that will be another [...]