A mum should feed their baby however they damn well please!

My goodness what a week of opinions this has been so far, from the Breast is Best ALWAYS crew, the Fed is Best crew, the ‘why do we even celebrate this, where is bottle feeding week” crew, the “breast milk is best so you SHOULD do everything you can to feed but no judgement if [...]


A day in the life of a work from home Mum

5:45am - Alarm goes off. I’m wide awake – SHIT! IS THE BABY ALIVE? WHAT JUST HAPPENED? We have just had night 4 of sleep training where instead of me climbing into her crib and cuddling and feeding her to sleep for sometimes 10 minutes, sometimes an hour, we put her down, tell her it’s [...]

Eliminate Mum Hate

After a now ex-friend/acquaintance of mine had a go at me on social media this week (screenshots below) for sharing how proud I was to reach the one-year mark of breastfeeding, it’s been on my mind how many women are bitter, jealous and try to bring others down. It makes me sad for those women, [...]

The First Year

When I look back on the past 12 months, I am filled with a plethora of emotion that I’m going to try and piece together for not only those reading, but also myself. From the pain and euphoria of the birth; the fear and excitement on the day we came home from the hospital; the [...]

Not ANOTHER mum with a blog!?

When Lily was born, I was adamant that I would keep her off social media and keep our lives mostly private. This is coming from someone who has consistently over-shared wanted to tell stories their entire life. I have kept journals for as long as I can remember (mostly never to be shared), had various [...]

Birth Story – Lily Rae

So I figured what a way to start than with the birth story of Lily Rae Arthur, born 17th July at 10:50am. I was 3 days overdue and had done everything to try and bring our wee girl on before then (which I know is totally not even that late but that will be another [...]